Assistive Technology and how we can help

Assistive Technology Installation & Setup

Assistive technology (AT) can be anything as complex as a custom powerchair or as simple as screen-reading software. No matter what shapes, sizes and colours it has, the overall purpose is to bring you greater independence and safety. There are Assistive Technologies available for just about every area of your life. Finding the right AT with the right supports at the right time can bring tremendous benefits to your life.

As IT specialists, we are highly experienced with setting up specialized Assisted Technologies like voice-controlled and smartphone-controlled appliances, whitegoods, door locks and blinds. We can assist you with finding the best solutions, installing, customising and providing the training you need to enjoy greater freedom. What’s more, you may be able to access funding through the NDIS!

We can provide you with the means and supports to engage with your community, live independently, work or travel or all of the above.

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