Online Security & Antivirus – why is it not working?

Let’s face it – you could literally get malwares and viruses from everywhere these days – email links, software downloads, and even ads.

That is why it is extremely important to have an effective antivirus installed on your computer, especially if you use Internet on a regular basis.

Truth is, none of the antivirus software is completely immune to the problems, just like any other technical software.

It is just not a matter of installing one and leave it to do it work.

A thorough understanding of how the software works as well as the necessary configuration is required.

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Here are some common errors and issues with an antivirus

    • Antivirus not finding virus
    • Antivirus is disabled
    • Antivirus unable to scan
    • Antivirus not installing
    • Antivirus not opening
    • Antivirus not working with current operating system

Why did my Antivirus stop working?

There are a number of reasons why antivirus software may not work properly, including:

    • Using more than one antivirus on a single computer: using multiple antivirus programs can cause conflicts and cause them all to stop working or slow down your computer.
    • Incorrect settings: your antivirus may not be properly configured to scan all potential threats on your computer.
    • Expired license key: paid antivirus software will stop working if you forget to renew your subscription or the credit card you use for autorenewal expires.
    • Virus infections: if your computer is already infected by a virus, installing an antivirus will not help, as most viruses can mask themselves once they are activated on a computer.
    • Out-of-date: antivirus software needs regular updates to be able to recognise all the latest viruses out there. If you haven’t updated your virus definitions, your antivirus won’t know how to detect and protect against the latest threats.
    • Internet connection: although an internet connection isn’t required for basic antivirus functionality, most modern antivirus software use the internet for checking unknown or suspect files against the latest threats. Without an internet connection, they simply won’t be able to do this, and may not detect some malicious programs until it’s too late.
    • System requirements: every antivirus has some basic system requirements. If your computer does not meet those system requirements, your antivirus simply won’t work.

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