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Armadale Computer Repair Business

Always happy to help

The business   Armadale IT Support is not only a computer repair business. The operator is a Qualified and Certified Information and Communication Technology Professional. Here Information Technology support means everyting related to PC, laptop, server, home and office communication products. Armadale IT Support is passionate about helping people.   Deliver Information Technology benefits for homes and businesses […]

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RC model Race Car

Inquiry from website contact form: Client: Hi , I need software programming help, can you assist, please? Me: Greetings, Thank your for contacting us with your inquiry. We love challenging projects, but would need some more details like the operating system and software used. Also, your contact details, location, and availability to discuss work details. […]

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One phone line – many uses – no incoming calls

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  I had a recent case where my business customer find that their phones were unusually quiet. No incoming calls otherwise everything works fine. Once on site I had to face with another dreaded situation where the wall connections were not labelled and no wiring records at the distribution frames nor the PABX. The system […]

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Dodgy cabling work and ignorance of OHS

Dodgy cablers and ignorance of OHS Have you come across asbestos in old building risers? Even see a sign there, not to create dust because of asbestos hazard? Well that happened to me recently, but nevertheless the supervisor expected ( and the client too ) someone to work in there in a confined space without […]

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